Product Corner – Hampton Toddler Bed

Would you believe this bed was once a typical crib? The crib is easily transformed into this attractive toddler bed, and in the future can be transformed again – this time into a regular bed.      

Little Kids Table and Chairs

Obviously a 4-5 year old has trouble sitting at a table with an adult size chair.  This set has a table with 2 cute, modern styled chairs that are just the right size for 3 to 6 year olds.  The chairs are only 15″ high, and the cutout design even serves as a handle. The […]

Product Corner – Bean Bags

Ever watch what happens when a little kid plops down in a bean bag?  If the bean bag is regular size, the little kid is going to have a real struggle getting out of it.  Problem solved – kid size bean bags.  We have them in a wide array of colors.  And if Mom, Dad, […]

Product Corner – Kids Beds

Kids’ beds no longer need to look just like mom and dad’s bed.  Today they are available in a variety of styles, including  “House Beds” that may make your little one actually happy to go to bed.   These cute beds resemble a tiny house with windows and even a “skylight”.  They are painted either all […]

Nursery Furniture Check-list

So you are expecting an addition to the family and starting to think about everything you will need.   There are tons of possibilities, and what you eventually end up with will depend on the size of your budget as well as the size of the nursery. The absolute musts for any nursery are the crib, […]