Why a Bunk Bed?

                                        Bunk beds are a great choice for a variety of reasons: Two kids can share the same room, and even three kids if you add a trundle bed. They take up less space so there […]

Why Have Furniture In Kid Sizes?

  There are multiple advantages for children to have furniture that is the right size for them.  The most obvious advantage is comfort.  How would you feel if every time you sat down your feet were dangling several inches above the floor?  And how about having to crawl up onto a chair to get seated […]

Safe Sleep Practices for Infants

It is estimated that about 3500 babies per year die from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and other sleep-related causes.  Most parents know infants should be put to sleep on their backs to help prevent SIDS, and deaths from SIDS have dropped dramatically since that advice was first given, but what about where they sleep?  […]