Nursery Furniture Check-list

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So you are expecting an addition to the family and starting to think about everything you will need.   There are tons of possibilities, and what you eventually end up with will depend on the size of your budget as well as the size of the nursery.

The absolute musts for any nursery are the crib, a place to change diapers and dress the baby, and some kind of storage for diapers, clothes, toys and little necessities like diaper cream, diaper wipes, etc.  A dresser with a changing topper can be a dual purpose item, or you can include both the dresser and a changing table.  A comfortable chair is a must for feeding, snuggling and calming a fussy baby.   Ideally the chair should be a rocker or a glider.  Since it is recommended that infants spend the first 6-12 months in the parents’ room, a bassinet or a bedside sleeper is a great option.  If you have room for a crib in your bedroom, that works too.

Don’t forget that the crib needs furnishing too.  The mattress should be firm and fit snuggly in the crib.  Some crib mattresses are double-sided, with one side for infants, and a softer side for toddlers. For the first year the only bedding, you will need is a fitted sheet.  Depending on your climate, you will need something to keep baby warm as he sleeps, such as an all-in-one sleeper.  Save the cute quilt for after she is a year old.

Looking past the first few months you probably will need something to store more toys than a dresser drawer can handle, as well as a bookcase or other ways to store your increasing number of books.   By the time your baby is old enough for “floor time” be sure to include a nice soft rug or a big playmat.