Why Have Furniture In Kid Sizes?

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There are multiple advantages for children to have furniture that is the right size for them.  The most obvious advantage is comfort.  How would you feel if every time you sat down your feet were dangling several inches above the floor?  And how about having to crawl up onto a chair to get seated rather than just sitting down?  Then there is the matter of the size of the seat in a chair or sofa.  With short little legs, it is impossible to sit comfortably resting against the back of the chair or sofa.

Besides comfort there is the feeling of independence children have when they have furniture sized to fit them because they can get in and out of chairs and sofas without help, and they can also move chairs independently.

Additionally, a kid-size table and chairs can encourage spontaneous behaviors such as creativity, as well as provide a friendly place to interact with playmates or siblings.   And if children are eating at their own table it becomes easy to teach them to set their own table and then clear up after a meal, giving them a greater sense of responsibility.